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Psychic Hand Tapestry

48×59 inches indoor use and outdoor use


Grateful Dead Tapestry

Inspired by Grateful Dead. 48×59 inches


“Ancestral Visions” Art Print

11″x 17″signed print of “Ancestral Visions” original made with acrylic on canvas. Shipping included, delivery within three business days.


Custom print crop top

Women size large


Stellar Lady Tapestry

48×59 inches


Blue Haze Tapestry

49×58 inches full color tapestry


Mystic Tempest Tapestry

49×48 inches full color tapestry


Small jewelry pouch

lime green bottom and full color custom print


Custom print crop top

Women size medium


Skater Style Dress Sz. Large

custom print dress


Ra^2 ( “Imagination”)

8″x17″ signed print of Ra^2, 2019. 1 of 100 Shipping included, delivery within three business days.


Vortex Hues

12×12 signed print of vortex Hues


Print of Helio Gate

Original signed print of “Helio Gate” 12″x 12″, 2020. 1 of 100. The Helio Gate explodes with healing energy, relates important messages through its never ending portals of light.


Goddess Moon

Original framed canvas print Of Goddess Moon 10×14 inch


Sea The Spirit Tote

Small hand painted tote bag


Stellar Lady

8×11 inch signed print of Stellar Lady


Lotus Eyes Framed Print

11×17 inch print of Lotus Eyes, Graphite


Free energy

Signed 11×17 print of free energy


Sunflower Daydreams

11×17 inch Signed Print out of 100



“The Eye of The Beholder” Art Print

11″x 17″ signed print of “The Eye Of The Beholder”, 2020. 1 of 100


Lotus Light

Original signed 16×20 inch acrylic on canvas


Sunflower Vision

11×17 signed print of Sunflower Vision


Grateful steal your face

11×17 signed print of steal your face


Mystic Tempest

Signed 12×12 inch print of Mystic Tempest


“Blue Haze” Print

11″x 17″ signed print of Blue Haze, 2019. Original made with ink, marker. Shipp


“Psychic Hand” Print

11×16 signed print of Psychic Hand


Atom Lotus

8″x 11″ signed print of “Atom Lotus”, 2018. Shipping included, delivery within three business days.


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