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I strive to be apart of as many local shows in Atlanta as possible. Ever Since I created Sea the Spirit in December of 2018 when deciding to participate in my very first art show! That kicked it off and I’ve worked in a number of shows over the last two years; over 25 to date! Part of my mission is to inspire others to create, and I now get to paint with the people at the events I attend now. Collective pieces are a huge part of what I do and I love to see how much people end up believing in what they create. It just makes all of our hard work worth it even more. Hope you enjoy some of the past events we’ve made some sick art at! Much love to ya, Courtnie

Community Mural Painting at Krogg St. Tunnel in Atlanta, GA

Live Stream Painting #1 March 2020

Live Stream Painting #2 March 2020

Live Stream Painting #3 April 2020

Live Stream #4 August 2020

Raw Artists Atlanta 3/12/2020

Local Shows

Art Battle Atlanta 2019

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