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My name is Courtnie Mayy and I’m a local artist from Atlanta, Ga. I run an artist/creator collective called Sea The Spirit. As of now we have 20 members that range from painters, tie dye artists, clothing designers, gem dealers, graphic artists, musicians, carpenters and more! We’re going on three years to date and we are always accepting people to join up with us!

I started this journey back in 2018 with my very first art show at the Masquerade in Atlanta, Ga. I realized then that the art world held stiff competition but I had an idea that I could make an art collective to help myself and other artists grow in this community. I felt as if I was lacking a sense of security because I had no idea what I was doing. Over the years I have gained so much knowledge from some of the sweetest people! I started working with my friends and trying to find people that wanted to be apart of my vision of a “Creator Community”. I have vended over 50 events to date and have met so many amazing people that have joined our collective. We’ve put on shows and festivals, public murals, group live paintings. We’ve had a blast, and worked hard for where we’re at now.

The reason why I have always wanted to share my art with people is because of how I’ve used art in my own personal healing process. I was searching for the answers to life’s questions, and in return I truly found myself. I sought out a new version of myself and for the first time I feel as if I am living and understanding how to convey my art in a more meaningful way. My ever expanding awareness of everything around me inspired the creation of my brand Sea The Spirit. It is my own way of representing how my third eye perceives reality. What I see myself meshed with what my subconscious self experiences through my eyes. I feel as if I finally have come to realize how to portray what I’ve seen for years. I wish for everyone to see my odd perspective and feel what I feel. What lies underneath the reality is actually more mesmerizing than anything we could create to represent it.

My art has inspired me to strive for greatness and to push myself harder than I ever have. I want to help inspire other people to create with their entire being. It brings a joy to my life to see that everyone inspires everyone. I hope that one day my art will transcend and in turn helps others find the same light I have found. We’re all drifting in the same ocean of consciousness together. I’m grateful to be experiencing the beauty of life alongside of the most talented people I know. Sea The Spirit is more than just a collective, it’s more than all the hard work. This collective is ever-changing and growing. My dream is to give everyone a loving place to exist and to create! I feel like creating an open place for creators, friends, and family was my calling in life! I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Love, Courtnie

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